False Liberation

A dangerous form of “feminism” I’ve seen is the brand where a woman must become “sexually liberated” in order to regain her power. 

This is a feature of liberal or western feminism. 

The problem with this is that a woman is still seeking power from outside herself and it is a form of validation which requires males’ approval. 

There is nothing wrong with seeking sexual gratification if the individual is emotionally and mentally ready for such an interaction.

But being that we already live in a male dominated society,  be it eastern or western, I think it’s incredibly misleading to teach young women that this is what liberates them. 
The expectations of men from women these days are beyond  disturbing, things learned from p*rn. And that sets up an entire world of expectations for young women when it comes to approaching sex. 

There’s an element of consent that’s subconscious in that it deals with all the things we have collectively learned as individuals from our parents, teachers, communities, friends, and other sources throughout our developmental years. These things in term form our worldview. 

If young women grow up in a world where risky sex acts are seen as normal and expected, this will subconsciously impact her consent. 

For example, within the Muslim communities there is overwhelming rhetoric that a Muslim wife can’t say no to her  husband if he demands sex. 

Teaching young women that they must liberate themselves via their sexuality is incredibly dangerous especially when the deeper implications of these systems are not examined or taught. 


One thought on “False Liberation

  1. Thoughts and Views says:

    Great post. I believe that women have the rights to choose and make decisions. When it comes to sex, women have a right to say no or consent to the act. It’s their bodies. Nobody owns women, like if they were a toy. Men in general need to protect, respect and honor all females.

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